Supermarkets in Bourg d’Oisans

There are three supermarkets in Bourg d’Oisans ranging in size from the big out of town Casino to the small Vival and Carrefour Express on the main street and an Organic Food shop.

Although the Casino is out of town it’s still only a 5-minute walk (see map) from the town centre. With a large free car park its the most convenient for shopping if you have a car.

You can buy just about anything you need there and its the place to go to stock up in bulk with pasta and fruit and vegetables. They have a big pre-prepared food section and a reasonable choice of frozen food.

Map of Bourg d’Oisans

The Carrefour Express should not be confused with the massive Carrefour supermarkets found elsewhere. This is a very much a small grocery store with a limited range of non-food items.

However, it’s fine if you are food shopping. It has a good selection of fresh foods. Of all the supermarkets in Bourg d’Oisans, I have always found this to be the quietest with no long queues.

The Vival is so well hidden its easy to walk right past it. It doesn’ have good signage or large windows. It just has an entrance a bit like that of a private house on the pedestrianized Rue General de Gaulle.

Inside it has a limited selection of foodstuffs.

Special diets

Ecrins Bio is an organic food store with a good selection of grains and pulses. It also has a range of Gluten-Free, Vegetarian and Vegan food. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also available.

Although there are not that many Supermarkets in Bourg d’Oisans you should be able to find almost anything you need.

However, all these places are comparatively expensive and you will drive by cheaper places on your way past Grenoble. We have written a post on where to shop in Grenoble.

Opening Hours: Currently subject to COVID-19 adjustments

Casino: Check here:

Carrefour Express: Sundays 07.30-12.30, all other days 07.00-13.00 and 15.00-20.00.

Vival: Every day 07.30-12.30 and 15.00-19.30.’oisans

Ecrins Bio: Closed Sunday & Monday otherwise 08.45-12.30 and 15.00-19.00.,3,263