Supermarkets in Grenoble

Why are we talking about supermarkets in Grenoble? Because they are bigger and cheaper than the ones in the Oisans, that’s why.

If you are self-catering you will probably be planning to buy supplies from a local supermarket. We have previously written a guide to the supermarkets in Bourg d’Oisans and you can certainly get everything you need there.

However the local supermarkets are more expensive than the supermarkets in Grenoble and have less choice.

Espace Comboire

If you are driving, whichever way you come, you bypass Grenoble on the urban autoroute where you will pass the Espace Comboire, a huge Centre Commerciale.

This has at its heart a huge Ets. Leclerc Hypermarket, one of the biggest supermarkets in Grenoble. It also has everything you need for a cycling holiday. You could turn up with just a credit card and buy everything you need from the bike to socks.

There is a large covered car park, useful in wet or hot, sunny weather. Leclerc is a huge hypermarket that has everything you could want. Its only downside is that its a really bad place to shop if you are in a hurry as its so big.

Organic and Veggie shopping

If you are looking for vegetarian/vegan food or organic products the Sartoriz shop is right by the big store. They have products that are impossible to find further up the mountain.

Nearby is a Decathlon if you need some sports clothing or generic spares. They also have a big bicycle section though they don’t concentrate on the top end of the sport. getting advice is probably better in the Oisans as all the little bike shops repair the big brands all the time.

Of all the supermarkets in Grenoble, this Leclerc is the best situated for cyclists coming to the Oisans. The others all take longer to get to and have worse parking facilities.