Current COVID-19 Cleaning & Social Policies

These are our current COVID-19 Cleaning & Social Policies. These could change at any time.

We will be here during your stay as we live here. We are easily contactable to help you make the most of your stay.

If there is more than just you in your party, you must ensure everyone in your group has completed the form giving us their name, email, and contact phone number. This is a legal requirement that is being strongly enforced for traceability.


We will be greeting you when you arrive, but respecting the new hygiene and social distancing recommendations.

When you first arrive at check-in we will provide hydroalcoholic gel for you to sanitize your hands.

Wearing masks

We will wear a mask to greet you and you will need to wear a mask as well. If you do not have a mask we will supply one at reasonable cost.

You will also have to wear a mask when moving around the public areas like the communal staircase and in the bike garage.

In accordance with the current government rules the games room and the lounge will remain closed to guests. The dining room will only be open for evening meals by arrangement and only when the circumstances allow.

Hand sanitizing

You must use the hydroalcoholic gel every time you enter the public areas of the house, including when leaving your room to go outside. Soap and hydroalcoholic gel are also available in your bathroom.

If you are seated at a table outside then you don’t need to wear a mask. You need to leave a distance of 1 metre between groups. Max 10 persons seated together.


Our cleaning standards were already rated highly by our guests. Your room will have been thoroughly cleaned and then disinfected with a virucide before each new arrival in line with the new COVID-19 policies. This something which we have always done.

In addition, we will steam clean the sofas and any soft furnishings in each apartment between guests.

Your door key will have been sterilized and left in the door. If you wish to leave it with us during the day we will place it in a sterilised container.

Daily cleaning tasks will also focus on disinfecting frequently touched parts of the house such as the staircase, communal doors, handles, outside furniture, and other surfaces.

The cleaning staff will wear gloves and masks. They disinfect their hands before each new room clean.

When you check- out we ask that you open a window.

Feeling unwell

If you feel unwell during your stay with us and think you have COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, loss of smell/taste), you should stay in your room and inform us by telephone, text, or email.

To contact us: +33 6 87 48 11 53 or

If you speak French well enough, you can also call 15 or we will contact 15 or the doctor.

Room Service Breakfast

Until Government COVID-19 policies change significantly, breakfast and dinner will be room service only.

Breakfast will consist of half a white baguette, sliced brown bread, croissant, 4 options cereal, butter, 4 options jam, plain or fruit yogurt, ham, and cheese. Tell us your options before 22.00h.

Tea and coffee are always available for you to make yourself in your room, milk will be in your fridge. All the rooms have a toaster.

Please indicate on the form the time you want this to be delivered.

Gluten free and lactose free options are available but you must tell us before you arrive.

Evening Meals

Evening meals are available by ordering them by 10.00 on the day or before. At the moment, these will also be delivered to your room.

When the advice changes significantly to allow dining in groups, we will allow small groups in the Dining Room.

Places are likely to be limited in the dining room for some time to come.

There will be hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance of the dining room – please use it before you enter. You will need to wear a mask when not seated at your table.

You will need to wear your mask when exiting the dining room when returning to your room or far any purpose that means you leaving your seat.

Our current COVID-19 Cleaning & Social Policies are subject to change at any time and we will endeavor to make sure you have the best holiday possible under the circumstances.

Picture by Andy Christodolo


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