About this blog…

bike blog
bike blog

This is the bike blog of Le Château d’Oz. It is a constantly updating resource of information about whats available in our area for cyclists.

There are few posts on technical aspects of cycling, others do that better. This is all about the resources available from bike shops which offer, rentals, repairs and accessories to cafés and restaurants where you can stop en route or get a good meal in the evening.

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Café-Pizzeria L’Etape in Allemond

café pizzeria l'etape in Allemond
Café Pizzeria L'Etape in Allemond is directly on the road to the Glandon and the Croix de Fer.

The Café Pizzeria L’Etape in Allemond is a convenient stop on the main route to the Glandon and Croix de Fer.

Its well used to cyclists during the summer months and is open from 12-14.00 for lunch. Is a favourite for local workers who will have their midday meal here.

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