Food for Sports

Food for sports should be nutritious, of course, but tasty too. We serve delicious, well-balanced meals made with intense exercise in mind.


Start your day with a good breakfast. We serve a generous buffet with cereals, ham, cheese, croissants, bread, and juice. tea and coffee too, of course. We also prepare a cooked breakfast of Eggs and Bacon to order.

You get more than just a coffee and croissant, just help yourself.

We bake our own sourdough bread and homemade granary bars that cyclists have told us are the best they have ever tasted.

COVID-19 measures. Breakfast will be room service and pre-ordered only. Some choices may be limited or unavailable. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Healthy Meals

Plenty of carbs, of course, (you get to help yourself) as well as top quality protein and lots of vegetables.

We also serve vegetarian and vegan food (when requested) and really delicious gluten-free baking. Please let us know when booking.

How about this as a three course meal?


food for sports a plate of vegetarian tomatoes
Tomato juice soaked crispy fried bread with a fresh tomato salad and basil.

Lots of healthy vegetables are available during the summer months. We grow some in our garden and they are really fresh. Gels and energy bars are not the only food for sports.

Main Course

food fr sports a plate of duck with dauphinoise potatoes and endive
Duck Breast with Crispy Skin, Orange-Baked Endive, Dauphinoise Potatoes and a Red Wine Sauce.

Top quality protein is always on the menu. We understand that you will be looking for easily digested meals and fast recovery meals when you return. We take all of this into account when you stay with us.

We also make delicious Vegetarian and Vegan food for sports.


red wine pears with yoghurt cream and crumble
Delicious Pears cooked in Red Wine with a Yoghurt Cream and Crumble

OK, we know its hard to make the argument to say that desserts are essential food for sports but who can resist a well-made pudding?

We bake our own sourdough bread and cakes and biscuits too. Our granary bars have become legendary among our regular guests.

Gluten Free

walnut cakes surrounded by whole walnuts
Gluten-Free Walnut Cakes topped with Guilt-Free Caramel sauce all made with our own organically grown walnuts.

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Some of our meals: