Current COVID-19 Cleaning & Social Policies

current covid 19 cleaning & social policies
Our Current COVID-19 Cleaning & Social Policies

COVID-19 Policies, cleaning and social distancing recommendations.

The French government has classified our department, Isère, as “green” as it has a low circulation of the virus.

You are required to wear a mask on all public transport, including the ski lifts. Some shops require the wearing of masks and all restaurants until you are seated. In the local swimming pools wearing a mask in compulsory in the communal areas and the changing rooms.

It is prudent to carry a mask with you at all times.

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Supermarkets in Grenoble

supermarkets in grenoble
The huge Car Park at Ets. Leclerc in Espace Comboire, Grenoble

Why are we talking about supermarkets in Grenoble? Because they are bigger and cheaper than the ones in the Oisans, that’s why.

If you are self-catering you will probably be planning to buy supplies from a local supermarket. We have previously written a guide to the supermarkets in Bourg d’Oisans and you can certainly get everything you need there.

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About this blog…

bike blog
bike blog

This is the bike blog of Le Château d’Oz. It is a constantly updating resource of information about whats available in our area for cyclists.

There are few posts on technical aspects of cycling, others do that better. This is all about the resources available from bike shops which offer, rentals, repairs and accessories to cafés and restaurants where you can stop en route or get a good meal in the evening.

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